(Another) Kylie Burgundy Palette Tutorial

So I know I’ve already done a million posts on Kylie Cosmetics and tutorials using the palettes, but I just did this one the other day and I absolutely love it. If my eye makeup could come out as perfect as it did this day, everyday, then I’d be a happy lady. I think this look would be perfect for a night out, just throw on some dramatic lashes and a layer of gloss and that’s you ready.

This is a really easy makeup look to create because there isn’t a lot of shades used, but it’s all in the application. One of the key things to remember for this is to wing the shadow out. You can achieve this by using your brush on its side and just using the excess to create that blown out wing that really sets this look off. Alternatively, use some tape! I used to love using tape to create a winged out effect, but I prefer to do my face makeup first so it isn’t always the best.


So into how I did this! After priming your eye, take the shade *** and set the primer to give yourself a smooth base to apply the shadows to. Taking the shade ***, I popped this into the crease as a transition shade, bringing it right into the inner corner and winging out the edges. This is all about layering, and it will make the blend look super.. well.. blended!

I then took the star of the show, the shade Burgundy into the crease also, slightly lower than I took *** but still winging it out really gently. I built this colour up slightly, applying two or three layers of this until I was happy with the blend. On the outer corner I then took the shade ***, just to deepen it up a bit, but I kept this pretty light.

To finish it off, I took shade L.A. on my finger and patted that onto the centre and inner corner for a bit of shimmer. I finished it off with a wing, but if you want to show off your blended winged out shadow, by all means do so!


And that is how I created the eye look you see here! It can be quite time consuming to get the blended wing right, but I think it’s worth it in the end.

Taylor xo



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