The Prettiest Highlighter Palette ✨

I recently came across this fab new website called LondonLovesBeauty. This website is 100% legit and it makes hard to find brands and products easy to get your hands on in the UK. They had a sale on and one of the products in the sale was the ABH Moonchild Highlighter Palette.

Ever since I saw the Moonchild palette, I wanted it soooo bad. I love the shades inside and how they were different to your typical golds or pearls. The colours aren’t too in your face though, so it’s wearable.

This cost me £39, but with a 10% off code I managed to get this for about £35. I was happy to pay that because I know that ABH highlight palettes are normally priced at £39 and I would have paid that anyway.

I must say that from looking and swatching, I would find it difficult to wear the shades ‘Star’ and ‘Purple Horseshoe’ because they have quite a payoff. They won’t go to waste however because these shadows look so lovely on the eye as well as the face.

My favourite shades in here are definitely ‘Blue Ice’, which looks like it would be a pearl shade but it has this lovely blue shimmer to it. It’s surprisingly wearable as the blue isn’t as in your face as ‘Blue Moon’ for example. ‘Pink Heart’ is another of my faves. It has quite a strong pink undertone to it and it reminds me of the Makeup Forever highlight I have.

Here are some swatches from the palette:

Do you own this palette? Do you love it as much as me? Let me know in the comments, and if you think the other highlight palettes from Anastasia are worth the price!

Taylor xo


3 thoughts on “The Prettiest Highlighter Palette ✨

  1. I’m way too scared to get this palette as feel these highlighters shades are too ‘out there’ for me, but they look so good on some people so I might have to give it a try 😄
    Great review! 💗

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