Shadow Switch – Does it work?

I’ve seen the Shadow Switch floating about on the internet, and although the concept is good, the execution looks pretty basic. I mean if you look, it’s basically a hair doughnut stuffed into a tin. Despite this, I had a look online to see how much these were retailing from. I got mine from Amazon and it was a matter of pounds, so I wasn’t bitter about buying one.

I love the idea, especially for someone who has a limited amount of brushes and doesn’t want to spend the money on buying them (brushes can be really expensive after all).

Here are my results when I tested it out on some of my brushes. The first attempt didn’t go very well – but i put it down to the fact that this brush was already pretty dirty and had been for a while.



As you can see, it did lift off quite a bit of shadow. For the amount that was on the brush I am quite impressed with the results. I could happily apply a different coloured shadow with this brush the way it is.

For the sake of testing it fairly, I decided to take a clean brush that had only been used once. This one is barely stained, so I expected it to come out practically clean.



As you can see the results were a lot better this time round. The brush is practically clean and ready to use. I think it would be handy if you were a makeup artist and you’re doing other people’s makeup.

Overall, I do think you could make your own Shadow Switch, but for the money, I think for ease especially, this is a good buy.

Have you tried the Shadow Switch? Let me know your thoughts!

Taylor xo


2 thoughts on “Shadow Switch – Does it work?

  1. I’ve seen these floating round the internet for a couple of days now, I don’t use eyeshadow often enough to ever need one but they seem pretty handy. I think it’ll be interesting to see if anyone does a DIY shadow switch though, like you said it’d be pretty easy to make your own. Great post!
    Elen x

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