Best of… Foundation

It’s been a while since we did a “Best Of…” blog post, and I thought it was about time we did one of the biggies. This time we’re tackling foundation, of which I have a grand total of 9 to talk about today. So get yourself settled, it’s going to be a long one! 

Loreal True Match 

If you’ve followed me for a while you already know this is my holy grail foundation. They have a great shade selection and it’s also affordable at £9.99 each (but there’s always offers). If you like a medium to high coverage then this one is for you. 

Nars Sheer Glow 

The Loreal True Match is supposed to be a dupe for the Nars Sheer Glow, but I find that they have completely different finishes. I didn’t get on with this foundation, but they do have a great shade selection too. If you prefer a light to medium finish, then this one might suit you. Be warned though, this foundation doesn’t last long at all! I found that mine ran out so quickly. I’d give it another go because I know it’s many people’s holy grail, but it’s also quite expensive for it not to work. 

Milani Conceal and Perfect 

I wrote a blog post on this foundation which you can find here. To summarise, there isn’t a great shade range and if you’re any lighter than ‘Ivory’ then you’ll struggle to get on with this foundation. It is a high coverage and I love the formula, but it looks so weird on me because it’s so dark! It is reasonably affordable, you can get it from Beauty Bay for £11. I would recommend you give this one a go if you can get a decent shade match! 

Urban Decay Naked Skin 

This is a more natural finish foundation for me, but it still gives a good amount of coverage. I love how Urban Decay do their foundation, for yellow and pink toned skin shades, so you’ll be able to find a good match. This is also a reasonably high priced foundation, but I think it’s worth it. Paired with the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer, this is a match made in heaven. 

L.A. Girl 

This is the cheapest foundation I own and it was under a fiver. I didn’t have high hopes for this one but I bought it more to try out. This one isn’t a particularly high coverage and breaks apart on the skin throughout the day, but I like to mix this with other foundations to either lighten them up (Milani) or just to mix in general. For the price it’s worth a go, but don’t have high expectations! 

Estée Lauder Double Wear 

A long time ago I wrote a blog post on this foundation. It is by far the most high coverage I have come across, and it has that distinctive smell that is instantly recognisable as Double Wear. This is raved about – and rightly so. It will last all day and all night no bother. I am in the shade 1N1, but for this being the lightest shade I find that this is still a tad dark for me. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation 

This is my most recent foundation purchase and I was very excited to give it a go. I love the brand Charlotte Tilbury and I had high hopes for this. I find it has a medium to high coverage, and the shade is perfect for my skin tone. I would have to say that this is one of my new faves. I’m scared to use it though unless it’s for special occasions! I would say this is quite expensive, but most high end foundations retail for between £30-35 anyway, so I guess it’s standard. 

Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation 

This is a great choice for a high end foundation as it really does cover all of your flaws. It has quite a distinctive smell to it, similar to the Double Wear, but it also matches its coverage. This is a must have if you like a high coverage foundation, and it’s up there with my holy grail foundations. I wrote a more in depth review of this foundation here. 

Clinique Even Better 

This foundation was my first high end foundation that I ever bought. At the time I thought this was one of the best foundations about, but it’s actually quite a medium coverage. The shade I have is way too dark for me, but it does provide some decent coverage and is comfortable to wear. I think Clinique as a brand are great, they really have some products. This isn’t as expensive as some of the other high end foundations, so it’s worth a go. I’d love to try Cliniques new foundation, so if you’ve tried it, please let me know your thoughts! 

And that’s all for my foundation “best of”! I hope it helped you in some way if you needed some guidance on any of these foundations. Let me know if there’s any foundations you think I need to try, as I’m always on the hunt for some good foundations. 

Taylor xo


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