L’oréal Colorista 1 Day Spray – Does it work? 

So you might have seen on my Instagram yesterday that I picked up this new L’oreal Colorista 1 Day Spray in Pink. My hair has well and truly faded since I dyed it over a month ago, but instead of damaging it with more bleach and dye, I wanted to try out this because it’s non-permanent.

I will say that the size of the can is pretty small, so you won’t get a lot of uses out of this. If you have longer hair and want to cover the entirety of your hair, I would definitely recommend getting more than one can.

I bought this in Boots for £6, where they had the entire range from the semi-permanent wash in colours and the colour remover shampoo, which intrigued me quite a bit!

Now onto the spray. There was no overpowering smell and the way you use it is foolproof. Definitely cover up what you’re wearing with a towel, just to be safe, even though I didn’t get any of the product where I didn’t want it.

The only thing that got marked from the process was my hands, but even then they look so pretty all pink and sparkly! That was one thing that surprised me about this spray – it has a sparkle to it. I like that idea though because it will add a shine to the hair.

This is a before picture, taken a few days ago. As you can see the pink has faded and my silver shampoo has begun to take over and give it a lilac tone.

This is the after picture. I applied the spray before I curled my hair – it recommends that you brush through the colour after applying, and I didn’t want to brush out my curls when I usually just run my fingers through it.

As you can see, there isn’t a great amount of difference to the colour, but it did turn it a lot more pink. I like the look it gave, like a mermaid pink-purple feel. I did run out of spray when it came to going round the back of the head, but I feel this is intended more for a highlighted effect than for a whole head like I want.

It’s the next day now and the colour is still there, there wasn’t any pink on my pillow from sleeping either. I give this product a thumbs up, because it really does the job.

I also have the 2 week washout colour in blue, so if you want me to write a blog post on how this one works, let me know in the comments!

Taylor xo


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