Copenhagen Travel Diary 

Last week me and my three flatmates visited Copenhagen to see our fourth flatmate Kirsty who is on her year abroad (hello to all of you because I know you’re reading this 😉). We went for three nights and stayed in the Cabinn City hotel, which was conveniently placed just a few minutes from Copenhagen Central Station. I would recommend this hotel greatly because for all of the time spent in a hotel room, this had everything you needed in a great location.

I loved the whole aesthetic in the Central Station. It looked very oldy-timey and the chimes were so friendly compared to what we have in the UK.

This was my first Danish pastry of the trip, in the Bakery across from the station. It was delightful, and that’s a compliment coming from me because I’m not a fan of pastries in general. Anything raspberry and I’m sold anyway.

One of the prettiest streets in Copenhagen – Nyhavn. Here we jumped on a canal tour in the freezing cold and saw all of the sights from boat. We decided to be smart and sit outside to get the optimum photo opportunities, which ultimately was a mistake because after we got off we were frozen to bits and there was no getting warm after that!

From Nyhavn we walked to Paper Island where we entered the best smelling and busiest indoor food market. It was a major fight to find a seat in this place, and the queues for food were pretty long, but the food was worth it. I had a Morrocan flatbread and it was one of the tastiest meals of the trip.

If you go to Copenhagen, I would definitely say get yourself across to the Street Food Market, and go with an empty stomach.

Christiania was one of the most interesting parts of the trip. I loved the whole atmosphere of this place because it was totally different to the rest of Copenhagen. You weren’t allowed to take photographs because of the business that goes on in Christiania, which kind of put you on edge but it was just so interesting. This is a must go-see if you’re in Copenhagen.

On the Sunday we visited the Little Mermaid. Everyone was saying it was underwhelming, but I don’t think it was at all! It was pretty small – but it wasn’t as small as I was expecting with what everyone was saying.

If you’re going to visit Copenhagen, I think you should go and see the Little Mermaid. Underwhelming or not – it’s pretty much the biggest tourist landmark in Copenhagen, and you can’t not get the money shot.

I have no idea what church this is, but I loved how pretty it was so I had to take a picture.

I thoroughly enjoyed Copenhagen. I love just wandering around a new city, exploring all the sites, even if it is tiring and your feet hurt by the end of it. I don’t think Copenhagen is for everyone, but perhaps I have that view because it was so damn cold! The weather doesn’t take away from the beauty of this city – every building was so symmetrical and had lots of little bricks, which are my favourite.

Next stop.. Dublin!

Taylor xo


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