February 2017 Favourites

I was planning blog posts for the next few weeks and I totally forgot about my monthly favourites! This month has just gone past so quickly that I had forgotten to think about what I’ve been using this month. It’s been a busy month for me with uni deadlines and working and such like so I haven’t been too experimental with makeup lately, but I do have quite a few makeup favourites.


The Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadows are one of my new favourites. I will have a post in detail up about these in one day, so hang tight for that. I know these have been talked about quite a bit, and rightly so!

Another of my makeup favourites is a rediscovery for me. I used to use the Collection concealer in Fair every day religiously, but just with testing out new products I completely forgot about it. Last month I repurchased this beauty and I’ve been wearing it everyday since then. At only £4 it’s a steal and it is comparable to some of the higher end concealers that I’ve tried in my time. It’s pretty much a drugstore must have so I’d be surprised if you haven’t tried this, but it’s definitely worth the money plus some in my opinion.

My next makeup favourite is one I purchased in Copenhagen, and that is the Marc Jacobs Matte Gel Highliner in Fine (Wine). This is a lovely burgundy colour that I love to pop in the water line, and it compliments my green eyes. Surprisingly, this looks good with most looks and it just works. There is a beautiful teal coloured liner in this collection that is amazingly pigmented that I would love to try, but they are a high end liner and in the UK it can be quite difficult to get a hold of so perhaps one day I’ll get my hands on it. If you’re skeptical about this product though, don’t be, because it’s really up there with the best liners, and it doesn’t move from the waterline all day!

I have to mention the Kat Von D Pastel Goth palette because at the beginning of the month I was using little else on my eyes. Since then the weather has gone downhill a bit so I haven’t been reaching for these bright shades as much, but I’m still a huge fan of the colours Star and Clementine. Someone please let me know when the Alchemist Holographic palette is coming to the UK, because I need it..

On the subject of highlighting palettes, I couldn’t not mention the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild palette. This is the stuff of unicorn-filled dreams, and all the shades in here are beautiful. The duochrome shimmer in all of these shadows really catches the light in a way I’ve never experienced before, and I love that they are different because they are coloured highlighters. My favourites are definitely Blue Ice and Pink Heart.

My last makeup favourite for the month is the RCMA No Colour Powder. I got this from London Loves Beauty and it was £15 for this generously sized tub. This is, as you would assume from the name, a translucent powder and is perfect for baking. I don’t feel as guilty using this powder up as much as I do with the Laura Mercier powder because it is a lot more affordable.


One of my biggest fashion favourites this month has been this massive cosy jumper from Missguided. I’m not always a fan of a slogan on clothing, but I thought this one looked a bit more refined because it was embroidered and it was going around the collar. This says “Normal is Boring.”, which I can deal with because it’s true. My favourite part of this jumper though is the fleecy inside. For £18, this is a steal and it’s been keeping me warm all month!

My next favourite for the month is my Vans. I’ve tried to wear these as much as I could without freezing my ankles off. I took these to Copenhagen and even with walking everywhere they continued to be comfortable, which I didn’t expect to be honest. I thought it would give me blisters because I hadn’t worn them in properly, but nope!

And that’s all for my favourites this month! What has some of yours been? 

Taylor xo



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