Kat Von D Foundation – is it worth it? 

For today’s post I want to talk about the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation. I recently picked this up in Sephora in Copenhagen and I was chuffed to find that they had a shade which was light enough for my skin tone – Light 41. This must be a popular shade because it’s always sold out on the Debenhams website, and I can see why.

I can wear this shade on its own but what I’ve loved doing recently is mixing it with my Milani Conceal and Perfect, because that foundation is about 3 shades to dark so when I mix two pumps of the Kat Von D, it makes it wearable. I love mixing foundations because I feel as though I’m wasting less product and really getting a good mix of finishes.

Make no mistake – this is an extremely high coverage foundation. For it being so high coverage, a little goes a long way. I find it applies beautifully with my Beauty Blender, but I haven’t tried it with a brush.

This foundation retails for £27 and you get 30ml in here, so pretty standard for a foundation. I’m surprised with the price of this, because most high end foundations retail for £30 or over. A little money less is never a bad thing, and it’s not as if you are skimping on quality either!

I really wanted to try the Lock-It concealer cream but they didn’t have the shade Light Neutral 01 in stock unfortunately, and on Debenhams they don’t seem to have it in stock either *sadface*.

In my opinion this foundation is totally worth it. I love that it is slightly cheaper than most high end foundations, but I just love the shade range and the coverage you get from this foundation.

Have you tried this foundation? How would you compare this to other high coverage foundation?

Taylor xo


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