L’oreal Colorista Washout Blue – Does it work?


If you saw Wednesday’s blog you will probably know the outcome of this post, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this product! I tried the 1-Day Spray and it wasn’t too successful, but I had more faith in this product because it is a dye rather than a spray.

I got the colour blue, because for so long I wanted to dye my hair pastel blue but it was near impossible to find a dye in that colour. At last L’oreal came out with a range of some great bright colours which I couldn’t wait to try.

This is super easy to use, just like any other hair dye. It recommends that if you want the pastel look to leave it on for 15 minutes, and for a brighter effect, leave it on for 20 minutes. I left this dye on for around 20 minutes, because in previous experience it takes a while to get bright colours in your hair. I can say that this is not the case with this colour! It was super bright, so if you want a more pastel effect, don’t leave it on longer than 15 minutes!


When washing out the colour, quite a lot of the dye came out, so I was worried that it wouldn’t be as vibrant. It wasn’t the case, so I’m very surprised with how well this worked for a semi permanent product.


Even after washing it for the second time, as pictured above, the colour remained vibrant. I definitely think this colour will withstand 5 washes, so for £6, I think this is a lot more worth your money than the spray is!

I was swithering between the blue or the mint green, but I’m glad I went with the blue because it compliments the lilac/pink that is still in my hair. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try a pastel or bright shade, but doesn’t want it to be permanent.

Taylor xo

UPDATE: This product remained in my hair for over a month, which meant I had to dye my hair brown. I was heartbroken because I wasn’t done playing with colour in my hair. If you use this, it does work, but just be prepared for it to be around for a while! 



2 thoughts on “L’oreal Colorista Washout Blue – Does it work?

  1. BR CAREFUL PEOPLE! Hi, I colored my hair with the blue one from colorista. The color was nice for 3-5 hairwash, after that it faded away. BUT some blue stayed for ever. I went to 3 hairdresser, no one can get the blue out of my hair or color it with another color. We have tried everything… with pink and purple I havent had the problem.

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    • mine was the same! i dyed my hair brown to cover it up because i was sick of the blue, and that seemed to cover it, but it is a VERY strong pigment in the dye and shouldn’t be advertised as a temporary colour!


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