NYX Matte Liquid Liner

I had heard quite a bit about the NYX Matte Liquid Liner, and it had always been sold out when I visited the NYX counters, so that got me really curious. I had no idea what kind of liner it was, I just knew it was popular, so I definitely wanted to give it a go.

This was £5.50, so I would say really standard for a drugstore liquid liner. On my first impression I was a bit skeptical because of the brush. I compared this to the Maybelline Matte liner, which is the one I have been using for about a year, and has a flexible but almost sponge-like applicator which I really like. The NYX one on the other hand has more of a brush like applicator, which I find harder to control, even though this is quite slim.

This is definitely one of the mattest black liners I have tried, which I was thrilled about because I hate when you buy a matte black liner and it looks grey when it dries down. As well as being really black and matte, it stays put all day through a hard days work and exercise too.

My only complaint about this liner is the applicator. I just find it really difficult to use and is difficult to get a clean line. I will say that because it is the hair-like applicator, you don’t get as many little annoying fibres stuck to it like you do with the Maybelline one.

I’ve only just started using this so I can’t say yet how long this will last, but I will update you all on Instagram!

What are your thoughts on this liquid liner? Let me know!

Taylor xo


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