Lush Daddy-O Shampoo

I’ve had this shampoo ready and waiting in my bathroom for when my blue dye began to fade, but over two weeks later and the blue was still loud and proud in my hair! This meant I had to put off using this product, even though I was desperate to. Needless to say, I got tired of waiting and dyed my hair dark brown.

Unfortunately, I probably won’t get to see the way this product really works with brown hair, but it does say on the front of the bottle that it should work, and I do have some brassiness near the roots of my hair so hopefully I’ll see a difference with using this!

I love the smell of this. I find with Lush it can be super overpowering even if you’re just walking past the shop, but this shampoo is lovely. You can really get the smell of the lemons, which is refreshing and I feel it makes you think you’re really getting a good hair wash.

As for the purpose of this shampoo, I’m on the fence. I think you’d have to use it for a while to really see a difference on banishing the brassy tones from my hair. For me and my dark hair, I’d only really use it for a good clean and for the smell!

What do you think about this shampoo? Do you have any Lush recommendations?

Taylor xo


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