Kiko Life is Better Collection

Recently I visited the Kiko shop in Glasgow and as soon as I walked in I saw the beautiful packaging for this collection! There are quite a few bits in this collection, which includes: Liquid Lipstick, Cream Blush, Fluid Highlighter, an Eyeshadow Palette, Stick Eyeshadows and accessories such as a beauty sponge and a makeup bag! Obviously I didn’t buy everything in the collection, but I did do quite a few swatches in the shop and decided my favourites.

Firstly, I swatched some of the Stick Eyeshadows. There are only three choices for these and all three are pretty light and neutral. Although I am a fan of stick eyeshadows because it is such a quick and easy way to do your eye makeup, I already have a few that I love, that I don’t think it’s necessary for me to buy any more. These are probably a cheaper alternative to the Laura Mercier ones that I have, at £6.90 each!

I didn’t pick up the eyeshadow palette either for the simple reason that I have the colours elsewhere in my collection. I haven’t heard the greatest reviews on this either, but I always think you should make your own mind up because something might work better for you than it does for other people!

The two things I picked up (with some persuasion at the till) were the Liquid Lipstick and the Cream Blush. I got one of each, as I was trying to be well behaved and not buy too many things. The liquid lipstick that I got was shade 03 Essential Rose, and I agree with the name, you definitely need this colour. It goes on impeccably and it is comfortable to wear. The colour is also to die for, the perfect nude which leans to the pinky side, which is my favourite kind of nude for the lip. My only complaint about this liquid lip is that it flakes off slightly on the inside of your lip. It isn’t unbearable, and for £6.90 I won’t complain about it too much, but it is just something to consider if you’re picky about your liquid lips.

For Cream Blush, I picked up the shade 01 Impalpable Rose, which is an odd name, but the perfect pinky-peachy shade for the lips. This is the first cream blush that I have ever tried, so I was a bit nervous just in case I wasn’t applying it correctly. It gives a great flushed look to the skin which is incredibly natural, and I see why people prefer cream blush because it needs little to no blending. These retail for £8.90, which I don’t think is too bad because the container it comes in is very luxury feeling in it’s frosted glass.

Overall I really like this collection, and the packaging is to die for! I know it’s the product that matters, but the packaging really brings you in. What are your thoughts on this collection? Have you tried anything?

Taylor xo


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