7 Pairs of Trainers I Want

I love love love trainers and if ever I’m going out to the shops or uni, or anytime I’m not going to work really, I’ll reach for my Thea’s or my Vans. There are so many pairs of trainers that are catching my eye at the moment and I wish I had some money to buy them all, but at the end of the day I only have two feet!



I’ve wanted these NMD’s since Christmas, but I think I’ve left it too late to get them in my size! These are the Limited Edition JD Sports NMD’s, with the rose gold lettering on the loop at the back of the shoe. These are £100, so pretty expensive, but what trainer isn’t expensive these days?!


I don’t know what it is about the Adidas Tubular, but I think they’re such an ugly-pretty shoe. When I first saw them, I hated them and vowed I would never wear them, but the more I see them the more I can see myself in them. They look super comfy anyway! These retail for around £80..

Nike Thea

thea beige

I already own a pair of black Thea’s, and I love them to bits. I think they are such a classic but modern looking trainer that you can pair with any outfit, even if it isn’t gym gear (which in my case, it never is). I really wanted a pair of grey or beige ones in the same style, just as an alternative to my black ones. The ones pictured are £95.

thea fly

Another pair of Thea’s that I’m obsessed with is the flyknit ones. I love the look of the flyknit material, and I think these look super comfortable. These ones are £110 from JD Sports.



Since I got my Vans I haven’t really been wearing any other shoes. They go with any outfit, so they’re super easy to style. They’ve brought out some cool pastel shades for Spring/Summer, and they’re so cute! I love yellow, so they would probably be my top choice. These are around £55.

vans 2

These are leather Vans with a rainbow trim from Asos. These are the same price as the normal Vans at £55, which I think is decent for a leather shoe. I’d love some white shoes, and I think leather would make it a lot easier to keep clean than canvas.



I feel like Puma is the new cool kids brand. These Ignite trainers are similar to some Adidas ones, but I think they incorporate what I love from the Nike flyknit and the Adidas tubular into one shoe. I love the detail on the tongue as well. These retail for around £90.

And that’s my little window shop of all the trainers I have my eye on at the minute! If you have any of the ones I’ve recommended, let me know if they’re worth the money or not, because nearly all of these are over £80 which is quite an investment!

Taylor xo


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