Ecotools Makeup Sponge Review

I got my hands on the newly released EcoTools Blending Sponge Duo that has been raved about online recently. When I visited Boots to pick one up, they were sold out, and that probably had something to do with the fact that there was a buy one get one half price offer on, so head online or to Boots to take advantage of the offer while it’s still on!

Firstly, I love the packaging, especially the texture. I know that’s probably a meaningless and irrelevant thing to discuss when it’s the sponges themselves I’m reviewing, but a little good packaging never hurt nobody! I also love the colours. It’s true to the Ecotools brand, which I like, making it easy to recognise amongst other beauty sponges.

One of the things that struck me first off was the claim that you could use it wet or dry. I prefer to dampen my sponge before I use it, so I was a tad skeptical as to how this would apply when dry. The first time I used it, I used it wet, and it did grow in size. The next couple of times however (partly because of laziness) I left it dry and to be honest, I didn’t really notice that much of a difference in application. It’s just as smooth, soft and easy to apply as when wet, something I think is difficult to achieve.

I’ve used this every day since I purchased it, and I keep all of my beauty sponges together. I feel myself reaching for this one over the Beauty Blender now, and I’m super happy with the results it gives me!

As for coverage, it states on the packaging that it will give you a heavy coverage. I find that for a sponge, it doesn’t suck up a lot of the product, but it still gives a nice level of coverage. I find it covers all my imperfections, but I don’t know how much that is down to the sponge, or just my foundation.

The shape of the sponge itself is pretty unique, with one flat edge. I really like this though because it makes it super easy to apply setting powder to underneath the eye or contour, and you know it’s going to be precise. You still have the point that is so useful on a normal Beauty Blender, which means you can really get into the crevices.

I’m yet to use the smaller blender that comes in this duo, because I find smaller blenders pretty unnecessary when I’m applying my makeup.  I do think that if you prefer a smaller applicator for under-eye makeup, then this might be perfect for you, especially with the flat edge.

In comparison to the Beauty Blender, I don’t really see a great amount of difference between the two. I do enjoy this sponge’s application, especially because of the wet/dry feature, but I won’t disregard the Beauty Blender altogether. If you want to try the Beauty Blender but are hesitant to spend the money, I would totally recommend you try this one first. For £9.99, you get two sponges, which are just as good as the Beauty Blender, if not more.

What are your opinions on this new beauty sponge? As good or better than the Beauty Blender? Let me know in the comments!

Taylor xo


6 thoughts on “Ecotools Makeup Sponge Review

  1. I’ve seen this sponge online but never thought to look into it too much as I tend to avoid foundation in the Spring/Summer time but the shape is so unique! It’s good that is performs the same with and without soaking in water – I always soak mine out of habit though haha.
    Lovely post, I’ll have to check this sponge out because I love the Ecotools brushes.
    El x

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    • bounce is good, ever so slightly more dense than the beauty blender, but only a little. i don’t experience any patchiness, it applies exactly where you want it!


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