Things I Bought: A Collective Fashion Haul 

So I thought I had been pretty well behaved with not spending money recently, but when I was collecting all of the new things I’ve bought over the past month I guess you could say I’ve not done very well at all. There are so many pretty things in the shop at the moment and I just can’t stop buying pretty clothes! I have pieces from Topshop to Primark, so varying in price point, but all things I don’t regret.

My favourite thing that I’ve purchased over the past month is my most recent one, this Topshop silver longline blazer. At £65, it’s pretty expensive, but I really think I’ll get my use out of this because even though it’s metallic, it’s so wearable! I saw this styled with just a plain white tee and some jeans and I knew I really wanted it. I love this as a take on the metallic trend at the moment and I know it’s worth the high price tag. I would say if you want this, grab it soon because I can see this one selling out! I’ve wore it on every day off from work I’ve had since I bought it, even though the weather is still a tad too cold to wear it on its own yet! One thing I would say is that there isn’t a lot of stretch in it, so definitely try it on before you buy.

Next I have this Zara jumper. I fell in love with this as soon as my flatmate pointed it out on a girl who was wearing it Glasgow, and that night I hunted it down online and was so surprised to find out it was only £26.99. It looks like one of those jumpers you would see on an Instagram model, so I really thought it would be from somewhere like Urban Outfitters and cost about £60. The only downside about this to me is that it’s white, and I am not the most careful person when it comes to anything in life.

From River Island, I  got this leather bag. It cost £50, which is a little bit expensive, but it is real leather so I guess the price is justified. I love the print detail on the front, but the chain can get so irritating because it jingles when you walk! This bag is perfect for me because it’s so spacious, I can fit literally everything I could possibly need in here. It was definitely time for me to get a new bag because all I ever use is my broken backpack or my knock off Chanel bags I got from Turkey years ago!

Whilst I was on the website, I had a look at the sale. The bits I got will probably be out of stock by now, but I thought I would share them with you anyway because I’m 100% sure that you’ll be able to find similar pieces from other places. Firstly, I got this lovely pair of striped culottes. This was part of a two piece, but unfortunately the top was out of stock in my size. I couldn’t resist the culottes though, especially at half the price they were supposed to be!

As well as the culottes, I got these lovely burnt orange mules. I love mules so much, and I got so much wear out of my nude mules I bought from River Island last summer. These ones are slightly different to those ones as they are suede rather than leather, and they have a platform. The platform makes them slightly harder to walk in, but they’re still super comfortable.

Lastly I popped into Primark, initially only for a pack of white trainer socks, but you know what it’s like when you walk into Primark.. The first thing I saw was this pink denim skirt. I love pink, and especially pink and denim (as you might be able to tell with my ripped pink denim jacket). This was only £8, so a steal! I think this will be perfect for the spring/summer when it gets a bit warmer!

The next thing I saw was this pair of silver heeled sandals. I’m really loving the metallic trend at the moment, and I think that these are a great addition. The heel is really small so it makes them so comfortable to walk in, and I think I’m going to take them to Dublin with me because they’re THAT comfortable. I do think these are pretty large for a size 6, so I would recommend trying these on before you buy them, because I probably could have done with a size smaller. I imagine these selling out quite quickly too, so don’t sleep on these!

Lastly I got this playsuit. I thought this would be super flattering with the vertical stripes, and I love how the V-neck isn’t too deep. This is a really nice fit too, especially around the bottom half, and I think this will be a nice addition for the warmer weather. It does do that annoying thing around the zip wear it gets stuck on the seam, but it was only around £11, so really you can’t complain too much. It won’t stop me from wearing it, but it will make going to the loo a little harder!

Taylor xo


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