Kiko Extra Sculpt Mascara

When I purchased the Less is Better collection, there was an offer on mascaras where all of them were only £3.90. Ofcourse, I couldn’t say no to that so I picked up the Extra Sculpt mascara that Kathleen Lights raves about all the time in her videos. This is normally £8.90, so you were saving £5 on the day, which is a great saving, and even if it was no good, you can’t complain at that!

As I mentioned, this normally retails for £8.90, which is mid-range as far as Kiko mascaras are concerned. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than my Charlotte Tilbury that I love, but it’s also harder to get my hands on, so I’m reluctant to love this mascara. Firstly, I love the shape of the mascara tube, I think it fits the name ‘Extra Sculpt’ really well with the twist and the structured edges!

The shape of the brush is peculiar, you can see for yourself. On the website, it says that this is predominantly a volumizing mascara, and I think that with the shape of the brush you can see that it is a lot more suited to volumizing than lengthening. I prefer a bristly brush rather than a plastic brush because I feel it coats the lashes better and really grips the lashes.

I always find that with mascaras, you have to use them for a couple of weeks before you can really form a solid opinion on them. Mascaras are normally rubbish when you first open them! I’ve been using this one since I got it about 3 weeks ago, and so I feel I can write an honest review. To begin with, it coated my lashes with a thin coat of mascara, and didn’t really volumize my lashes that much. After I persisted with it, I saw a difference. I did think that it did lengthened my lashes slightly, but I really see them as more volumized.

This isn’t the greatest of mascaras, but it is one of my new faves. I don’t have the greatest of lashes naturally, so I don’t have high expectations when it comes to mascaras because there’s only so much they can do!

Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts?

Taylor xo


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