Dublin Travel Diary

It’s time for another travel diary! This is the last trip I have planned this year so far, but hopefully not the last or it will be a pretty boring rest of the year! This time we visited Dublin, and I went with my parents for my dad’s 50th. I was super excited to go to Dublin because I’ve wanted to go for ages, but it can be quite expensive to organise! We flew from Newcastle on Friday 21st and came home on the Monday, so it was a lovely long weekend.

My favourite place that I visited without a doubt, and I will mention first is Kilmainham Gaol. There was so much history to the place and our tour guide was especially passionate and knew exactly what he was talking about. Above, you can see the original declaration from the Easter Rising. I knew that Dublin was an incredibly historic city, but it completely immerses you wherever you go!

Unfortunately, due to some bad tourists, a lot of the jail had graffiti, which meant many of the cells had to be locked up. I hate when you see people ruining historical sites for their own benefit, it spoils it for everyone else! The picture above was taken through one of the spy holes and it was restored by the jail themselves. This was drawn by one of the inmates, a lady called Grace Gifford. She married Joseph Plunkett in the jail before his execution, and it was the only marriage to happen in the chapel. You can also find her ring in the museum attached to the jail.

I didn’t realise that the jail was also used for film and TV. It is quite magnificent when you see it!

Ofcourse, you can’t visit Dublin and not try some Guinness. We went to the storehouse, and it was bustling. I did expect it to be a guided tour, but instead you just wandered around at your leisure.  I didn’t mind that because you could take your time, but I felt I didn’t learn as much as I did at the jail. It’s something you have to do when you’re there though.

My failed attempt at putting my face on the Guinness advert. You have to be pretty tall to get your face in that space!

I only had two requests when we visited Dublin – one was to visit Kilmainham Gaol, the other was Grafton Street. These lovely flower stalls are all the way down the street on a Saturday, and it brightened up even the nippiest of days.

How yummy does this donut look? It’s from the Rolling Donut, and if you’re ever in Dublin I recommend you have a try of one. I especially recommend the Victorian Raspberry, a simple choice but you won’t be disappointed. This one here is raspberry and white chocolate, which was really yummy too. They have so many interesting flavours that you don’t find in your average Krispy Kreme, which is nice!

This photo was taken at the Brazen Head, supposedly the oldest pub in Dublin. We went here for dinner one night and the food was amazing, as well as the live music at night time. This is probably another tourist spot, but it’s worth it for the atmosphere. The decor makes it feel really traditional, and it makes it difficult not to fall in love with the place.

Unlike any other city I’ve visited, I can 100% say I’ll be returning to Dublin at some point. It was my favourite place by far, and I’d love to go back with my friends. If you like history but also like somewhere lively, then this will be perfect for you.

Taylor xo


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