Things I Bought: At last, a beauty haul! 

It’s been a long time since I bought makeup, and I’m remembering why… It’s so expensive! I went a bit crazy recently and got quite a few things, so I’m going to share them with you! You’ve probably seen a lot of these on my Instagram already if you follow me there, and if not, go follow me @tfranchetti_blogs!

Firstly, I’ll start with the bits I got from Duty Free and in Dublin. I swatched the new Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer and ofcourse the shade Chantilly was the best match for me. I would have preferred a shade lighter so that it will look more brightening when I wear the foundation that actually matches my neck.. But this one will do! Firstly, I love the soft packaging that Nars makes, it looks and feels that bit nicer. If you want to see a review on this, I’ll happily do one!

Secondly I got this limited edition for spring/summer 2017 blush from YSL. I had quite the ordeal with this blush, because there was no one at the counter the whole time I was looking at it. All I wanted to know was how much it was and if I could have one, but no one was there to help! In the end, I just went into the drawer myself and took it to the desk. As soon as I knew they had it in stock, I knew I wanted it and it had to be mine. It is such a beautiful blush and I feel like I’m having a love affair with blush at the moment. I’d snap this up while you have the chance..

Next up, I have some new bits from Marc Jacobs. They brought out more products to add to their coconut primer, which is a personal fave. In this line they have a setting spray, a bronzer and highlighting product they call ‘Dew Drops’. The name of the liquid highlighter sold me immediately and I knew I wanted to try them out. I really like the glowy look at the moment so I’m excited to give these a go.

I also picked up the O!mega bronzer in Tantastic. I’ve heard this is a more versatile bronzer shade than the original, Tantric, so I thought it would compliment my fair complexion more. It’s only recently that I’ve gotten into bronzer, because I’ve always been skeptical about pale people wearing bronzer. I like to wear it because I feel it blends out my contour better, whilst giving me a sunkissed appearance. It’s a hefty sized bronzer, which I guess makes up for the fact it’s so goddamn expensive. Who knows if I’ll like this, but I’m definitely giving it a go.

I placed an order on the Debenhams website because they had 10% of beauty. The first brand I gravitated towards was Kat Von D, because there are so many things that I still want to try. I’m running dangerously low on primer so the first thing I wanted to pick up was the Lock-it primer. I love the foundation, and I’m dying to try the concealer (but they’re always sold out in my shade online!) so ofcourse, I thought I might as well try the whole shabang whilst I was getting money off. Review to follow!

Again from Kat Von D, I got the Brightening Powder in shade Petal. A lot of beauty bloggers have been raving about this powder, so ofcourse I had to try it for myself. I tested out the shades when I was in Dublin and this one looked the best for my skin, even though it looks pretty dark in the container.

Finally, I have the new Kylie Cosmetics X KKW collection on the way. I have yet to receive the shipping confirmation even though I ordered it on the first release, which is quite disappointing.. I just hope it turns up soon! I’ll definitely update you when I have it in my hands!

And that’s all for this haul. It’s safe to say my bank balance is (once again) not looking too healthy. I hope you enjoyed though!

Taylor xo


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