New Marc Jacobs Coconut Review! 

Today’s post is all about the new Marc Jacobs coconut line for the spring/summer. Recently when I went a bit makeup buying crazy, I picked up a couple of the things from the line. I opted to leave the setting spray because I tend to always miss that step out in my makeup routine. I find setting sprays tricky, because I have to spray it before mascara or I end up getting black mascara marks all over my face. It’s just easier for me to leave it out completely!

So onto the two things I did get. Firstly, the O!mega bronzer in the shade Tantastic. I love love love the packaging and size of this bronzer, and I’m glad you get a good sized pan because it is a really expensive bronzer (even more so for someone who doesn’t tend to wear bronzer all that often). I feel like the white just screams summer, and I suppose it ties in the coconut aspect nicely! At first glance I really like the shade, because it isn’t too dark and it isn’t too orange. I definitely wouldn’t opt to use this as a contour shade, because it isn’t orange but it is still very much a warm toned bronzer.

As for application, I have no complaints whatsoever. It applies like a dream, not patchy at all and leaves that sunkissed glow that you really want for the summer. It is completely matte, no glitter or shimmer, which I really like. I don’t think I would be a fan of this had it be a shimmery shade. It has quite a coconutty scent, but when you apply the bronzer it doesn’t linger at all.

Secondly, I got my hands on the ‘Dew Drops’, which have an exciting name, don’t they? These have a lovely warm champagne golden glow to them, and there is a lovely shimmer to them. I tested this on my hand first and on its own, it was really really glowy, but not too glittery. I didn’t really see any glitter particles in it so I feel you can really tell that they are good quality, because the last thing you want is glitter in your foundation.

The first time I used these I applied them over my primer and under my foundation. It left a nice shimmer to the skin but I felt that when I applied my foundation I couldn’t really see the glow through. Perhaps it was too matte a foundation that it masked rather than enhanced the drops. The second time however, I mixed it into my foundation and I LOVED the way they looked. It really gave my skin a glow and these two products, the dew drops and the bronzer, give the best appearance to your skin ever. I don’t want to over use the word ‘sunkissed’, but that’s exactly how your skin looks!

Overall, although these are some pricey products, I would recommend them to anyone. They are limited edition I believe, so quick, get them before you can’t anymore!

Taylor xo


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