Kat Von D Review!

Firstly I’d like to apologise for my absence over the last few days – I finally finished my third year of university and exam time, and went home for a weekend which is exactly what I needed! I’m looking forward to the summer and working more on the blog and Instagram photos. I’d also like to thank everyone who enjoyed my last tutorial, I got really good feedback from it! To jump back into the usual programming, I’m talking all about the recent Kat Von D products I picked up.

Firstly, I want to talk about the Kat Von D Lock It Primer. I bought this knowing that the matching Lock It Foundation was great, so I had high hopes for this. Since I got it, I’ve used this primer under my base every day. The first thing I noticed was the scent.. It smells like sherbet! I loved the smell of it but at first I was surprised that it had such a strong smell, since the foundation didn’t have an overpowering scent. If you have skin that is sensitive to scents, then maybe this will be a problem for you, but for me, I have no issue whatsoever.

As for increasing the longevity of my makeup, I couldn’t really tell. I did find it to be incredibly hydrating and evened out the texture of my skin for applying foundation, but overall I find it difficult to review a primer on the way it performs. This primer retails for £24, which I think is really reasonable compared to some of your other leading brands.

I wish I could give a glowing review to the Petal Brightening Powder.. At first I thought this would be too dark a powder to use on my skin tone, and I was probably correct because it is too dark to use under my eye area. I persisted with this however because I’d heard such great reviews, but I couldn’t help but be disappointed because it just looked a bit odd. Perhaps that is my fault, but I thought that the ‘Petal’ shade was the lightest in the collection!

On top of that, I’m pretty certain this powder broke me out. I had a small breakout after I tried out lots of new products and this was the first one I stopped using, to which I found all the irritation disappeared. I’ll definitely give it another shot to see if this product was the problem. I do appreciate the packaging and I love the touch of having the star to release the product.

I don’t want to state that this is an over hyped product just because I wasn’t fond of it, because I know the reason is mainly because of the colour of the powder. Perhaps I will give it a go as a general face powder rather than under eye brightening powder, even though that is what it is advertised as! This powder retails for £19, so not anything to really break the bank, I just wish that it was lighter!

What are your thoughts on these products? I’m also desperate to get my hands on the Lock It Creme Concealer, but Debenhams is always out of stock of my shade!

Taylor xo


One thought on “Kat Von D Review!

  1. I really want to try out that powder. It makes me sad that it didn’t workout for you, but you can always try on the rest of your face, it might work better. Lovely post 😘

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