Things I Bought: A pretty big Colourpop Haul!

I am SO excited to share this haul with you today because it has been SUCH a long time coming! I have visited the Colourpop website so many times with the intention of buying some bits, but I’ve never actually went through with it before. I think for the price you pay, it’s really good value for money and you can get quite a few bits for a relatively small amount of money in comparison to some really high end brands. Colourpop has been around for a while and I would be more surprised if you hadn’t heard of it before. They are probably most famous because of their Super Shock shadow formula, but also their Lippie Stix and probably the fact that they may or may not be the same formula used by Kylie Cosmetics in their Matte Liquid Lips.

Now onto the haul! I got some mini Satin Lips because I spent over a certain amount, and they are super cute but they also made me really wish I had invested in some of the lip products. I tried to stay clear of the lip products because I already have so many, but the formula and the feeling was so nice!

For eye products, I got two of the Gel Eyeliners. The colours I chose were Honeydude, which is probably one of the most talked about gel liners that they do because it is the classic nude shade. I also got the shade Prance, which is a baby blue and it has quickly become my favourite liner to pop in the waterline because I feel like it really brightens up the eye a lot.

In total, including the Kathleen Lights collection, I have 9 of the Super Shock Shadows. I LOVE the formula of these and it really is the strangest of textures. The shadows are so creamy that they almost feel wet or mousse like, but they don’t crease on the eye and you don’t need to set it, so it’s pretty confusing! These are the 9 shades that I purchased:





So Quiche

I Heart This

Get Lucky

Valley Girl


Lastly, I got one of the Matte Lippie Stix. The shade I decided on was Oh Snap, which is a pinky nude shade. I love the colour of this, and although it is a Matte finish, I don’t find it to be long lasting. I don’t have a problem with that though because the applicator makes it so easy to pop on even without a mirror.

And that is my first Colourpop haul! I will mention that I did have to pay a customs charge to get this delivered to Scotland, but when I compare how much I paid in customs for Colourpop versus what I pay for Kylie Cosmetics, I couldn’t believe that I only had to pay £18 for 12 things when I paid £20 for the Kim Kardashian x Kylie Cosmetics collab alone! I’m totally open to trying some more shades or products by them, so I would appreciate some feedback and comments on what are some must haves from them!

Taylor xo


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