Which is Best? Marc Jacobs Highliners

You have all probably gathered by now that I am a huge fan of Marc Jacobs Beauty. I have tried both the original Highliners and the more recent Matte Highliners. It made me think about what formula I prefer and why, and I thought it would make a pretty interesting blog post, so here we are!

So firstly let me tell you what Highliners I have. In the original formula, I have this pretty pale blue called “Blue Me Away”, and in the Matte formula I have “Fine Wine”. There are some really good names for some of these eyeliners, and I think that just makes them that much better. You can really sucker me in with some good packaging and good shade names.

The shade “Blue Me Away” has a subtle shimmer to it, but nothing too in your face. I’d say this isn’t the palest of blues so if that’s what you’re after then probably give this a miss. The palest blue shade you can get from Marc Jacobs is probably “Deja Blue”, which I also have my eye on. There are a lot of pretty pastel shades now that I think of it! Personally,  I don’t like this shade all too much in the waterline, but it is really pretty for smudging in and around the waterline.

The matte shade “Fine Wine” is definitely the most opaque and pigmented matte liner I have come across, not including a black. With one swipe, you can get all the pigment that you could possibly need and want to last you all day.

They are pretty bright and incredibly pigmented. I would definitely say these are worth the money (£20 each), both matte and original. As for “Blue Me Away”, it does stay put all day, but I did find there was a tad more smudging than I noticed with “Fine Wine”. Comparing with other liners, I feel that these are the best I’ve tried, even trumping the Urban Decay ones.

What are your thoughts on these liners? Which ones do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

Taylor xo


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