Things I Bought: Summer Clothing

Over the past month I have accumulated quite a few bits of clothing to share with you all. I’ve almost fallen out of love with buying makeup and into love with buying clothes, which isn’t the best of ideas because I really want to lose weight before summer ends (and it hasn’t even really began yet)!

River Island Crop Top, £26

The first item I want to talk about is this stunning crop top with bow front. I mean just LOOK at the colour of this top! It is to die for, and looks even better in the satin finish! I can’t wait to wear this top. I will say that you will probably have to size up if you have larger breasts because the fabric has no stretch to it whatsoever so it can look quite unflattering if you don’t get the right size.

Going along the crop top trend, I also got this cute sleeveless crop top which has embroidery on the front and this cute detail on the straps. I love this but I don’t feel brave enough to wear it at the moment! I also feel like it’s difficult for me to make it look nice because it doesn’t really accommodate bigger boobs, distorting the embroidered detail. It’s also pretty difficult to wear a bra with this one because it is pretty low cut, as you can imagine.

River Island Top, £35

Another top, This time this pretty embroidered long sleeved and slightly cropped top. I love this, but I do feel like there is a LOT going on. I feel as though they could have got away without the cold shoulder detail, or went for fully knitted sleeves rather than the mesh detail you see. River Island do this quite a lot, where they take a piece of clothing and attempt to incorporate every trend of the time in the one piece. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it can be too much. I still love this top though!

Finally from River Island, I got this gorgeous pair of metallic plisse culottes. These are so super easy to chuck on and tuck a tee into and because they have an elasticated waist it makes them so comfortable, but at the same time it looks like you’ve made an effort. 10/10 would recommend.

From New Look, I got this really nice gingham skirt with frill on the front. The frill detail is SO flattering and covers that awful lower belly hang that nobody wants. I would totally recommend it! This is the first gingham piece I have incorporated into my wardrobe this year, so I’m a bit late to the bandwagon but I think black and white checks will always be in fashion so I’m not too fussed.

Next I got this pair of bright orange cropped trousers from Miss Selfridge. I love culottes and cropped trousers at the moment because they are so darn comfortable and effortless! They were also on sale from £29 to £22, which isn’t a great saving but you cant complain when you’re getting money off!

Next I visited Zara and got quite a few new bits from there. First of all I got this cute little bag which is in the shape of a pineapple. It is totally impractical because of the size of it, but you can fit all the essentials in it. It’s a pretty quirky bag, but it really adds something to an outfit.

I also picked up this cool t shirt which says Amsterdam on it. There was only two left in the shop, one a medium and one a large. I normally opt for a medium t shirt in Zara because I feel they fit a lot nicer on me than the large, but as you can see there is a little fault on the top because one of the tassles has obviously been tugged or pulled off. I still bought it and will still wear it because I don’t think it’s too obvious.

Lastly I got this pretty grey jersey jumpsuit. This I thought would be super easy to chuck on on a day off or a casual day and it will still be comfortable. I love the frill detail too, it just makes it a little bit more special.

I then popped into Primark briefly, where I picked up this slogan tee for tucking into things. I love the whole white tee with red writing, so I wasn’t offended by the ‘Love Not Hate’ slogan on this one (some slogans can be super cringey). It was only £6 too, so how can you complain at that!

That’s all for my haul! These posts always make me realise how much money I’ve spent over the months and it looks so bad when you put them all together! I promise these weren’t all bought at the same time!

Taylor xo


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