Best Of… Lip Liners

It’s time for another Best Of post! This time, I’m talking about lip liners. I will admit that I don’t really reach for a lip liner all that much, but I seem to have accumulated a lot of them over the years. I have a few brands in my collection so I thought it would make for a decent Best Of post, and here we are! Without further ado, let’s jump into things.


I would probably say that these lip liners are my favourite of all the lip liners that I have tried. Not only are they affordable, but they are super creamy and pigmented. I have wrote a post in the past about the Kiko lip liners, and in that I compared them to the Urban Decay lip liners. I still stand by that, but if you ever have the choice, definitely go for the Kiko ones!

Urban Decay

Since I just mentioned them, why not talk about the Urban Decay lip liners. These retail for £14.50, so slightly more expensive than the Kiko ones at £4.70. I think more than anything you are paying for the name on these, but they are exceptional lip liners. They also have a great range of colours, which is always a plus, as well as being pigmented and creamy!


I only have the shade East End Snob, which is reportedly a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip liner. I’ve never really had an issue with this liner, it has the pigment that you want and it is a lovely shade. I’m a big fan of a mechanical pencil because I’m lazy first and foremost. One thing with this liner however, is that it is pretty stiff. Once it’s warmed up, it works perfectly fine, but it’s just a minor inconvenience.

Charlotte Tilbury

I understand the hype around the Charlotte Tilbury lip liners, because they are up there with the nicest ones I’ve tried. The only downfall of these is that there isn’t a great shade selection.

Kylie Cosmetics

I’m actually a big fan of the Kylie lip liners. If I was being honest, I wouldn’t buy these on their own, but I am happy they are part of the lip kits. These are on par with the ones I have previously talked about, but I feel like this is almost a more solid formula, because it isn’t as creamy as the Kiko or Urban Decay ones. This isn’t a bad thing though, as I still find it really easy to get definition without that annoying dragging you get sometimes.


I’ve left the Mac lip liners til last because I probably have the most to say about them. I do have quite a few of these in my collection, but in all honesty I don’t reach for them at all. I think it’s more about the name that everyone seemed to be obsessed with them, particularly the shade ‘Soar’. These don’t apply easily at all, in fact they are really difficult to use as they are pretty solid and require a lot of warming up before they are useable. Even then, I find they drag on the lip. I can’t complain on the colour pay off, they are very opaque, but I don’t think that justifies these in the slightest. I suppose this type of traditional pencil liner is just not for me!

That’s all I have for this Best Of! I hope you enjoyed, and let me know your opinions on the lip liners that I have mentioned above.

Taylor xo


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