New Rimmel Insta Launch- KKW Beauty Dupe?

I’m really excited for today’s post. Having seen a lot of buzz around the new Rimmel launch, I decided to try some of the stuff out for myself. I will be the first to admit that I am not Rimmel’s biggest fan. I don’t know what it is about the brand, but I’ve just never found a product that has really impressed me. I am a fan of their lipsticks and nail polish, but I wouldn’t say it’s anything to write home about.

In the new Insta range, Rimmel have launched quite a few new products. It consists of a Fix & Go Setting Spray, Fix & Matte Setting Powder, Duo Contour Stick, a liquid illuminator, Conceal & Contour Palette as well as a Conceal & Correct Palette. I picked up 3 products, the setting powder, the contour stick and the colour correcting palette. Because it’s Rimmel, everything is reasonably priced too. When I bought these, they were on 3 for 2 in Boots, so I basically picked up the setting powder for free, which is great!

Fix & Matte Setting Powder 

I enjoy this, although I’m pretty sure it has a strong scent, which confused me. As far as setting powders go, I’m used to using a loose powder rather than a pressed one, so it was tempting to go ham with my brush. It did set my makeup nicely, but I did notice some creasing under neath my eye area. I’m not sure the powder is completely to blame, because it could just be my concealer but it was something I noticed.

Overall I’d give this a 7/10. It does the job, but there are others that I would reach for over this one.

Duo Contour Stick

I surprisingly really enjoyed this product! The contour side worried me because I thought it would be way too warm toned to use as a contour, but it looked fine to me and it applied like a dream. It was super easy to blend too. It reminded me of Kim Kardshian West’s new beauty product, her cream contour kits, especially with the nude packaging. I’m sure that was all a coincidence but it is pretty much the same idea, but with less choice. I don’t think it’s really necessary to have two shades of contour on either side of the stick, so I’m quite happy with the duo.

I will say however, not once have I reached for the highlight side. Mostly because I forget to apply it after my contour, but still! The big thing that worries me is that I seem to have gone through a lot of product in the short time of using it. I know because it is Rimmel it won’t be breaking the bank to repurchase like the KKW ones, but it’s still a slight inconvenience.

Overall I give this a 9/10. Rimmel have really surprised me on this one, and I’ve been reaching for it a lot recently.

Conceal and Correct Palette

I have made a conscious effort to use this as an extra step in my makeup routine to see if the hype about colour correcting is warranted. I have found that the peach shade does help in covering my dark circles, but it isn’t an opaque formula so it doesn’t give as much coverage as I would like. This however works to it’s favour when it comes to the green cream, because I find a little goes a long way on my redness. Even the slightest of the green really seems to help tone down my problem areas. As for the lilac, I did try to use it but I saw little to no difference on my face.

For this one, I give it a 6/10. It’s an extra step that I could achieve with a full coverage concealer. For no makeup days, I do reach for this just to add a little something to the face and make it look a little less ‘ew’, but apart from that, I don’t think this is necessary and for the under eye I would be looking for something a bit higher coverage.

That’s all my thoughts on the few bits I picked up from this new collection! Have you tried any of the new Rimmel stuff? Let me know what you think or if you agree with me in the comments!

Taylor xo


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