Things I Bought: Some Sales Shopping!

So after a pretty crappy month I decided that I was going to get myself down to Princes Street and have a wee look around the shops. I wasn’t planning on buying a lot, but when I got down there it just so happened to be sale season and I couldn’t help but having a nosey around. Ofcourse, what always happens is that I see things that aren’t in the sale that I want.. Sales shopping stresses me out though, there’s always so much stuff just everywhere! I don’t have the patience to dig through piles of clothes, especially in Zara!


I’ve had my eye on this little top for a while, and even though it wasn’t in the sale, I picked it up anyway. I thought it would look good with the pair of faux leather jeans that I will show later on. It’s been a while since I wore a peplum top, but I’m not mad about something that will cover up that food baby!

Urban Outfitters

I think I forgot who I was when I bought this t shirt. I’m not cool enough to even step foot in an Urban Outfitters, never mind pull of a t shirt like this. Kylie Jenner I am not. I still like it though and ofcourse I’ll do my best to pull it off.


I only picked up one thing from Primark this trip, and it was this cute little £4 white t shirt. I only bought it because of the neck detail, but for £4, it’s a staple. I’ve already worn this under the grey jumpsuit from Zara I showed in my last haul, which I thought was more daytime appropriate than the deep v with nothing underneath!


This was the one thing I ordered online rather than in person. I love a t-shirt, as you’ve probably noticed, and this is just another one to add to the collection. Plus I love wearing things that boys can also wear because believe it or not, I’m definitely a tomboy at heart.


I definitely went a little bit crazy in Zara, but what’s new there. The first thing I picked up was this pair of black jeans. They are ever so slightly acid washed, with distressed knees and seams. These I didn’t try on in the shop and I regret because they are super tight and I could have done with a bigger size. High street sizing confuses me because one size fits in jeans but a different pair of jeans can be too big/too small!

Yet another t-shirt. I was debating this one, because it was only available in a size Large, but I picked it up anyway because I thought I could pair it with one of the pairs of jeans I got.

Next up I got this pair of coated jeans, or faux leather jeans. I always find these to fit strange, as at first I thought they were too small but they fit great now. These excited me because I haven’t had a pair of leather bottoms in a few years! They aren’t overly shiny either so I don’t think they’re too noticeable, great for daytime.

These are probably my favourite purchase recently. I’ve been on the hunt for some reasonable heeled shoes that I can wear when I go out that aren’t ridiculously high. These I spotted before they went on sale, and I knew that I needed them. It was a mission to track them down in my size, but luckily I got myself a size 6. I’m yet to wear them because the weather hasn’t been great again recently, but hopefully I’ll get a wear or two before summer ends.

And that’s all for my haul! I’m hoping to do a beauty haul soon, but with rent and a deposit for the new flat to pay this month, money is pretty tight!

Taylor xo


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