Kat Von D Concealer Review 

At last, a review! I haven’t been trying out that many new beauty products recently because I have fallen out of love a bit with makeup. I’ve even stopped wearing any face makeup to work, which is not normal for me! Oddly, my skin has not thanked me for it. I know makeup everyday isn’t supposed to be good for your skin, but when I have none on I touch my face a LOT more, which means more spots..

Luckily I have a new concealer to review for you today, that being the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer. I picked this up when I went to Glasgow for the day, because luckily they have a counter in the Debenhams there. I’m always surprised by prices at Kat Von D, because I always assume that it will cost at least over £25 for products like concealer etc. This cost me £20, but I did have some money on my Debenhams card that meant I got it slightly cheaper.

On first impressions this concealer looks like it has a lot more product in it than others, and comparing it with the Collection concealer and doing a bit of maths (or a google), you get more in the Collection concealer, despite it being a lot smaller in size?! Granted, it’s only 0.25ml more, but still, if that is correct, then what is the need for the size of the packaging?!

Having said that, I am a fan of the packaging and I do really like the wand as it makes it super easy to apply to the under eye area. I have to say that formula wise, whilst it did a great job of brightening and in terms of coverage, did crease almost instantly under the eyes. Even after setting it was still noticeable, so I would probably use this more as a face concealer rather than an under eye one. I was really disappointed with that because this is one of the few brands that does shades that are light enough for my skin tone!

The shade L1 Neutral has been out of stock forEVER so I was lucky to get my hands on the last one they had in stock. The shade range is something you can’t complain about with Kat Von D, because she caters for everyone and especially us pale people! I’m not surprised that this is always sold out in Scotland, the home of the pale and gingers.

What are your thoughts on this concealer? Did it work for you? Let me know in the comments!

Taylor xo


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