How I Deep Clean My Brushes

After brainstorming some blog post ideas, it dawned on me that I’ve never written one about how I clean my brushes! I will be the first to admit that I am extremely lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes, and I want the quickest and most efficient way to clean them so that it can be over and done with. There are a couple of products that I use to clean my brushes, so lets jump in to it.


Prepare the area. There’s nothing worse than cleaning your brushes and then faffing around finding a towel and place to put them to dry. Personally, I lay them flat on a towel on the window sill or somewhere where they will catch the air so they dry quicker.


My first holy grail product for cleaning my tools is the BlenderCleanser Solid. I use this to clean my BeautyBlenders first and foremost, but I also use it on those hard to clean brushes. This isn’t the cheapest, as it retails at £14, but I have yet to find something which cleans my blenders and brushes as well as this. I also prefer to use this because it is made for sponges and brushes, so it isn’t as tough on brushes as original soaps and shampoos.

For my sponges, I don’t feel the need to the pink silicone mat that comes with the blender. I can be quite rough on my sponges which can cause them to tear, so just BE CAREFUL. There’s nothing more irritating than ripping a new sponge, which is exactly what I did with my Ecotools one!


Brush cleaning can take forever to get through, but it’s always worth it. As I’ve already stated, on those heavily stained brushes I would go in with my BlenderCleanser, but I try to use it sparingly so I normally always go in with a regular bar of soap. I know that this can be too harsh on my brushes, but it does work at removing the product! On brushes like my Real Techniques ones, I don’t mind being tougher on them because I’ve had them for probably 5 years!

What I’ll do is wet the brush, swirl it on the soap and then swirl it in the palm of my hand. The suds will look pretty disgusting depending on how long you wait between brush clean.. Which is too long for me! I will do this as many times as it takes to get the brush back to the colour it should be, rinsing off the brush after every swirl.


After the brushes have all been cleaned, I’ll take a separate towel to the one I’m leaving them to dry on and I’ll swirl them about (gently) to remove some of the excess water. This will help them to dry quicker, and it means that they will be easier to sort them into their original shape because they will be partially dry.

I find that the majority of my brushes will be dry if I leave them overnight. Sometimes the more dense brushes can take a tad longer for obvious reasons, but as long as you have properly rinsed the brushes so that there is no suds left in the hairs, then they should be dry and ready to use again overnight!

Are there any holy grail brush cleaning products you use? Let me know!

Taylor xo


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