My Pamper Night Essentials

I don’t often have a pamper night to myself, but when I do, I like to cram as much as I can into it. I’ve picked out a few products that I always include in my pamper night and I’m going to share them with you! 

Firstly, if I was really committed to relaxing, I would pour myself a bath. I prefer showers because they are so warm and cosy, and with baths you kind of just sit there until the water gets cold, so I get a bit bored, hence why I don’t tend to have them often! Any excuse to have a Lush bath bomb though.. 

I always start off by taking my makeup off, and I just normally take my makeup off with my favourite Johnstons face wipes. This is the lazy girl way to remove makeup, and I know it’s not always the best for your skin, but they just take your makeup off so easily. On a pamper night though, I’ll take my Clinique Take the Day Off and really get around the eyes to take off all the residual eyeliner and mascara. This is ever so slightly oily so it does the job great. I’m not a fan of this on my face, but for the eyes it’s great. 

My favourite face mask of the moment is the Origins GinZing peel off face mask. I love the smell, although it is quite strong around the eyes which can make them sting! It doesn’t take long to dry at all and the satisfaction of peeling it off is 10/10. 

After, I love to use the Pixi Glow Tonic because it really tightens my skin and leaves it feeling so clean. It does feel quite harsh but not to the point where it stings or anything close to a chemical peel – although I have seen that Pixi do do some interesting skincare. 

I always apply moisturiser after using the Glow Tonic because of how dry and tight it makes my skin feel. My favourite is the Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser, and I’ve already gone through one of these and desperately need to get another!  

And that’s pretty much all the steps to my pamper night! Are there any products you can’t live without for pampering! 

Taylor xo 


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