Luxury Nail Polish – Is it worth it?

Today’s post is all about luxury and high end nail polish, the question being, is it really worth it? The price tag for high end nail polish can be pretty steep, so before you go splashing your cash, give this post a read! The brand I will be focusing on is Chanel, specifically this limited edition polish in the shade Peridot. Yes, I will admit one of the only reasons I bought this polish was because it has the same name as my birth stone, but it’s also a beautiful colour.

Firstly, I’ll start with what I like about this polish. I have to mention the packaging. It is Chanel and the bottle is very Chanel-esque. I love how there is a square cap to match the shape of the bottle itself, but you can remove it and there is the applicator. It has quite a grip to it so it is easy to apply, and the shape of the brush is pretty slim so it’s super easy to be accurate. It might take a bit longer to coat your nails, but I think a thinner brush works out better and makes your manicure a lot more neat.

Secondly, yes, the shade is great. I love how in different lights it shifts from green to brown to blue to gold. It really is a stunning colour, however I wouldn’t say that it is a true Peridot shade, as I always imagine Peridot to be a light green.

Now onto what I don’t like about this polish.

Ofcourse, number one is the price. You can actually get a similar nail polish shade to this one from Models Own, and it is probably a lot more worth your money than this one. Today, a Chanel nail polish retails for a whopping £20, containing 13ml of nail polish. Comparing this to the Models Own Holochrome nail polish in the shade Chameleon, this one retails for £4.99 and you get 11ml, so slightly less than in the Chanel, but how often do you go through a nail polish? 11ml is more than enough in my opinion.

My biggest issue with this nail polish is its wear time. Nail polish doesn’t stay on my nails particularly long in the first instance, but this polish chips almost instantly which is such a bummer because of the high hopes I had for this polish. I also find it sits weirdly on my nails, and highlights all the imperfections that I have where my nails have peeled and so on. The formula of this shade isn’t great at all and I really wouldn’t recommend Chanel nail polishes. I’m not sure if the matte formula would be slightly better, but this metallic is pretty poor. The only redeeming factor is that you can get away with one coat if you wanted, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Taylor xo

N.B.  – This Chanel polish was limited edition and is no longer available!


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