Kylie Cosmetics Blush Review

In today’s post I’m going to be reviewing the Kylie Cosmetics blush. I got one of these a while back when I ordered the KKW Collection, but never really mentioned any more than the fact I bought one. Blush is one thing that I don’t really invest in, because to be honest, I don’t think it does that much to the face to warrant having stacks and stacks of different shades and brands. My favourite blush has always been Mac’s Melba, which I have had for years now and still haven’t hit pan on. Basically that was the benchmark that I would be comparing this Kylie blush to, so lets jump into things!

The shade that I got is called Barely Legal, and as you can see, it is a pretty pale pink. I haven’t really ever thought about buying a blush this colour because I debated whether it would compliment my skin tone, but you don’t know unless you try! It’s definitely something I haven’t tried before.

These retail for $20, so just over £15 for 7.5 grams of product. Comparing this to Mac blushes, you would be paying £19.50 for only 6 grams of product, so surprisingly it is more worth your while to get the Kylie ones (without considering how much we pay for customs)! As far as packaging goes, I’m not a fan of the cardboard container. It is pretty chunky but I would expect better from the brand. Cardboard containers for face products always make me nervous because it is so easy for them to open in your makeup bag. It’s a minor inconvenience however, and you do get a mirror (which I probably would never use to be honest).

As far as formula goes, I do wish this was more pigmented. It is a lovely soft baby pink, but it swatches ever so slightly chalky because it is lighter than many others I have tried. When I use my normal blush brush, it normally with other blushes gets pretty discoloured from the product, but with this blush it picks up a relatively little amount of product.

All in all, I am a bit disappointed with this product. I don’t reach for it enough because it doesn’t give the pay off I’m after in a blush. I would rather have to use a light hand than go hard on a blush pan to get some colour on my cheeks! Have you tried these? Are the other shades better? I’m on the fence as to whether I should try some of the other shades because of my experience with this one! Let me know in the comments.

Taylor xo


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