L’Oreal Elvive Low Shampoo

I spotted this when I was buying hair dye in Boots not long ago, and it was on offer for £5. I decided to pick up the one for colour treated hair after seeing some ad’s for it on YouTube and it peaking my curiosity because it is a fairly new product to the drugstore. I was extremely skeptical at first on this idea, a non-lathering, 3 minute shampoo treatment which is supposed to lock in the colour and is a gentle alternative to regular shampooing and conditioning.

It takes a little adjusting to get used to the lack of suds when washing your hair, because to me, suds = deep cleanse and you tend to feel how clean your hair is. A non lathering product had me on the fence as to whether it would actually clean my hair or leave it greasy at the roots and dry at the ends, but I’m always open to trying a new product.

At 400ml per container, it is a sizeable product, especially for the price. It comes in two formulas, the Colour Protect Low Shampoo, which is the one I got for coloured hair obviously, and the Extraordinary Oil Low Shampoo, which is for hair which is for more fragile hair which is already pretty damaged. Both would be applicable to me so I had to deliberate which one would be best for my hair situ, but I went for the Colour Protect one to see if it would elongate my colour any.

All in all this treatment takes 3 minutes to do. It suggests you use between 10-15 pumps, which the sheer size of the product more understandable, yet I couldn’t get my head around why I would need so many pumps. I have thin mid length naturally curly hair, and I found that I only really needed between 7-10 pumps of the product to cover my entire head. The texture is silky smooth and it is super easy to massage into the hair, so much so it felt unrecognisable to every other shampoo I had tried. The smell is also very pleasant, much like most hair products.

My final opinion on this product sways more to the positive side than the negative. BUT, I do have some issues with it. I was so unsure whether I was to use a conditioner after this product or if this was a complete replacement to my regular regime. I have tried both ways, and I felt like either way my hair went greasy a little quicker with each method. It made no sense why if I wanted to keep my colour, that I would have to wash my hair more, even with a colour protect shampoo, to keep from getting greasy.

Having said that, it did do the job of cleaning my hair and 5 washes into my L’oreal Washout hair dye, I can safely say there is little difference in the vibrancy of my hair. I like how this can also be a replacement for both shampoo and conditioner because the less product weighing my hair down, the better in my opinion. I’m still not 100% convinced with this product, but I will continue to use it because I like the concept.

Taylor xo



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