ABH Subculture Review

As soon as this went live on the ABH website I bought it. I hadn’t read or watched any reviews on this before purchasing, because I’ve always been such a fan of ABH palettes and the brand in general. Since this was the accompaniment to the Modern Renaissance palette, I expected it to be the same level of quality. I’ve used the Modern Renaissance palette to death, and the colours in this one really appeal to me. If there’s one thing that Anastasia are great at doing, it’s selecting their palette shades. It has the same luxurious look and feel to it as the Modern Renaissance with the velvety style outer palette. The colour is a slightly better choice than the Modern Renaissance one so it should be a little bit more forgiving when I get my mucky paws all over it.

I did little research before purchasing this palette, but after I got the dispatch email I decided to have a snoop around YouTube to see what the opinion was. There was a very mixed bag, some not so great and some singing its praises. I’m sure if you’re reading this review, you will have seen the controversy with the Alissa Ashley review on Twitter and YouTube. It’s hard to argue with her because the proof is in the video, and I totally believe that she got a bad palette. It just didn’t work in any respect, and it really did shock me because I had such high hopes for it. If I had seen the review before purchasing, I don’t think that it would put me off ordering. Not every palette will be perfect, and the only way to find out is to try it yourself.

So onto the review. The packaging is great, if you can get over the velvet material and how it marks easily. It does appeal to you in that way because it does look and feel very luxurious, and it makes you want to take a look inside. Personally, I prefer the colour scheme of the Modern Renaissance because it is that delicate pink, but it does compliment the tones in the palette.

I paid £42 for this direct from the ABH website, and it came from Belgium. I ordered on the day it came out and it arrived on the 31st July. I didn’t have to pay any taxes and delivery from the website was free. I was very happy with the service!

I love the shades in this palette, and I think you can create a lot of different looks with it. The first shade that caught my eye was definitely Electric, because it was so bright and shimmery in the palette. Upon swatching, it wasn’t that pigmented but did have a nice sheen to it. I’m really not a fan of wetting a brush and putting it in a shadow because I feel it can ruin the shadow, but with this one I find it to be necessary. If anyone can give me some advice on this, please do – I’ve seen people use oils for this, but what effect does this have on the shadow? I don’t want it to develop a hard layer!

The shade Alissa had the most bother with was the shade Roxy in the bottom left, and indeed it was the one that I found had the most fallout. I didn’t even swirl my brush into the palette but there was still a lot of kickback. With the shades All Star and Axis I did find there to be a lot of fallout, but with darker matte shades I always experience this, not just with ABH shades. I didn’t find it hard to clean away the fallout so it wasn’t too big of an issue for me.

The pigmentation is faultless in my opinion. With the matte shades, I was seriously impressed with the pigmentation. With the shimmer shades, I wasn’t as impressed but I wasn’t upset about it. I usually use my finger anyway and that always gets a bit more pigment from the shadow. I also found they blended nicely, and I didn’t experience any of the oxidization that Alissa did. The look I created wasn’t one I normally would, so I think my biggest struggle was just that I didn’t have the skill level to create the look rather than the palettes fault.

Here are some finger swatches –

And the look I created! –

So final thoughts. I do really like this palette and I will continue to use it. It does require a light hand when it comes to the Roxy shade and the darker mattes, but that shouldn’t intimidate you. It does hurt my soul when you see the kickback off the shadows because it’s like you can see the waste of money just sitting on the palette that you can’t use. It doesn’t surprise me with ABH however, as the shadows have extreme pigment so there has to be some give and take.

Will you still purchase this palette? Or if you have purchased it, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Taylor xo


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