NYX Glitters – Review and Look!

Today’s post is all about affordable glitter. NYX offer a vast selection of colours and reflects for a great price. Personally, I wouldn’t want to pay over £10 on a glitter because I don’t use it enough to justify spending a lot of money on it. The NYX glitters come in at £5.50 each, with each pot containing 2.5g of product, which I think is more than enough to last you a good few years (depending on how often you use glitter). At present, they offer 12 different shades of glitter, covering all basis from the metallics to the brights.

I’ve tried a few glitters, but never really been that impressed with them. The Too Faced one in the Nikkie Tutorials collection was really pretty and a very fine glitter, but I just couldn’t get it to work for me. I’ve also tried the Makeup Geek Sparklers, and the colour selection there is pretty great as well as the amount you get for the money, but the packaging isn’t the easiest to use and I always spill a lot, so it puts me off using it!

I purchased two shades of glitter from NYX, shades Ice and Copper. Ice, as you would imagine is an icy white shade, and Copper is pretty self explanatory. The shade Ice is really interesting because it has a green/yellow/blue reflect to the glitter which really comes to life in the light. I also applied them in two different ways, because I know there are a few different techniques to apply glitter.

My first attempt was with eyelash glue. For applying this, I took a small amount on my finger and tapped it onto my lid, before packing on the glitter with a flat eyeshadow brush. This worked and the glitter did stay put throughout the day, but it was an uncomfortable feeling to have on the lid. It felt very weighed down and I often felt like the eyelash glue was a tad too sticky to the point where my eyelid was getting stuck together. I don’t recommend this method, but if you’re in a pickle then it does work.

My preferred method of applying glitter is by using a glitter glue. NYX do do one which you can pick up from Boots for around £8, and I have  heard good reviews about it. The one I use is the Too Faced Glitter Glue, which I managed to pick up from TK Maxx for around £4. There were plenty there as well, so it’s defo worth a check of your local TK Maxx for a tube. It has the consistency of a silicone based eyeshadow primer, not very sticky on the outset, but when applied to the lid it gets the perfect amount of tacky to apply the glitter. I had no trouble at all with this method, although I did notice you had to work quite quickly in order to get the glitter to stick without it falling off throughout the day.

This is the look I created, using the ABH Subculture palette and the glitter in Copper. The eyeshadow shades you see on my eyes here are Dawn, Fudge, All Star and Rowdy.

All in all, I have no complaints about the glitter itself. It is the perfect size of glitter for the eyes, not too chunky and super easy to pack on. The colour selection is great, and I do hope they expand on that even though there is already all of the basis covered. There’s really no need to spend an arm and a leg on a pot of glitter so definitely give these a try if you’re in the market for some.

Taylor xo


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