Things I Bought – A Summer Topshop Haul

I bought (and returned) quite a few bits from Topshop recently and I thought I would share with you the bits that I kept. I tried to be quite well behaved because I know that Topshop isn’t the cheapest of shops, but before you know it and 3 items later it just happens to come to over £100 *sadface*. Having been relatively well behaved on the spending front the last month, and having eyed up some pieces for a while I decided I was going to get a few new bits for my wardrobe and not feel guilty about it.

Lace Up Jamie Jeans, £49

Belted Cropped Cigarette Trousers, £35

Je T’aime Slogan Crop T Shirt, £16 

Spot Flower Ruffle Skirt, £29

Adidas Sweatshirt, £45

Hook & Eye Stripe Crop Top, £16

I popped into Topshop to do my returns and had a quick look around, but struggled to find anything I really liked. The shop was filled with Sale stuff and whilst I’m all about getting a bargain, I hate hate hate trawling through sales stuff to find virtually nothing good.


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