Laura Mercier Candleglow Foundation Review

I walked into Harvey Nics in Edinburgh with the intention of buying a Mac foundation to have a go of. However, I would put Laura Mercier up there as one of my favourite brands and so I went there first and spoke to the lovely man at the counter. I told him I was looking for a lightweight light coverage foundation I could chuck on through the day. This was the one he suggested, and it’s this foundation I’m going to review for you today.

It is quite an expensive foundation, coming in at £35 for 30ml, which is standard for foundation size. I was shade matched to the shade Shell, which I believe is one of the palest shades they do. I do think I was matched pretty well, however I do think that Laura Mercier needs to expand their shade range particularly on the lighter spectrum. They do offer a decent selection of darker skin shades, with different undertones which I think is pretty important and should not be forgotten about, but ultimately, like most brands the biggest shade range is within the light to medium range.

As far as consistency, I have to admit that I was expecting something a little more runny just because I was expecting a really light coverage. It did slide when I tipped my hand, but nothing too dramatic. The sales assistant also gave me a sample of the Radiance Face Primer (£30) which I paired with this foundation the past week. Sadly, I ran out of the sample pretty quickly, but I would consider purchasing it in the future because even on the skin on its own it looked really nice and really complimented the foundation.

The finish on the skin is more of a medium finish in my opinion. It is certainly buildable, especially when used with a sponge. The lovely man told me it was best applied using your fingers, but I don’t really like using my fingers to apply any of my makeup, so I stick with the sponge. When using your fingers, you do get more of a light coverage, if that’s what you’re after. Either way, it feels as though you aren’t wearing any foundation at all, which I suppose goes hand in hand with the ‘luminous’ description.

The one thing I did notice is that I needed quite a few pumps onto the back of my hand to cover my entire face. It makes me nervous that I’m using a lot of product in one sitting. I hope that it is just the pump that they have chosen and that it just doesn’t deposit a lot of product at once.

So final thoughts on this foundation. As for the question “Does it look luminous on the skin?”, then I would answer with yes. It is especially luminous when paired with the Radiance primer, as the primer has a real sheen to it, but it is still luminous when used with another, or no primer. If you’re looking for a luminous foundation and have the cash to pay for one, then yes, I would recommend this foundation. I’m not quite sure if I would say it is worth the price tag, because at £35 it is probably the most I would pay for a foundation. It is a good foundation, and I love to wear it day to day, but I’m not sure I would repurchase.

Have you tried out this foundation? If so, what are your opinions on it? Also, if you have any recommendations for a foundation with a luminous finish, please let me know in the comments!

Taylor xo


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